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We provide two services:
1)design and coordination service
2)in-office consultation and support.

In our design and coordination service, you can leave it all to us. We will design and coordinate a complete interior or any part of it for you. It is tailored to your exact tastes and needs, and priced on the extent of the work.

If you want to do it yourself and just need some ideas and some help, our in office consultation service is ideal. You can browse through our extensive catalogues, our library of design plans and companies; and get our advice at any stage throughout your interior make over. Our consultation fee is ¥20,000 per hour at our offices; please ask us for an estimate if you require the consultation at your home or office.

Step 1. Design and Coordination service work flow and cost estimates*

※Please note that charges shown do not include tax.

Come to our Aoyama Style office for a free initial briefing Please bring a room plan with dimensions, and photos of the interior you want to spruce up.

We’ll ask you what image you have in mind for your interior, and how you want to use the space.
Or simply tell us what’s bothering you and what you want to change.

We will then draw up a design and coordination estimate, and an order form. The design and coordination estimate depends on the scale of the work, but on average starts from around ¥300,000 (covering room layout, selection of furniture, lighting, curtains, etc., CG simulation, on site adjustments, and three consultations).
Optional items may include sourcing interior accessories, design of order made furniture; liaison with furniture manufacturer or studio, etc.

NB:Please note that it does not include product purchase, delivery and related costs, which will be estimated separately.

Step 2.Order Payment

After you have checked and agreed the estimate, please send back confirmation of your order. We will then issue an invoice. On confirming your payment, we will visit you and start the project.

Step 3.Preliminary on site survey

Before starting work, we will need to do a visual inspection of your home from inside and outside the building in order to confirm dimensions and note any issues affecting access, delivery and off loading. We will agree a convenient time with you.

Step 4.First presentation of the Plan

We will present the first plans to you about 2-3 weeks after our on site survey, together with estimates for products (retail prices). After that, we envisage on average 2-3 consultations to finalise the plan.

Step 5.Finalising the Plan

We will present you with the set of drawings of the final plan.

Step 6.Product selection and ordering

When we have confirmed availability and delivery of the products you have requested, we will present you with a second estimate for product costs. After you have checked and agreed the estimate, please reply to confirm your order. On receipt of your order, we will send you an invoice by
post covering the product, delivery and other costs. After we have confirmed your payment, we will
issue the definitive order.

Step 7.Delivery and completion

The coordination service is complete when the product has been delivered.


We also provide planning and design services for new buildings, reconstruction or renovation projects, including kitchen design, manufacturer and contractor selection and management, on site supervision and direction. Estimate provide on request.


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